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white porcelain BAUBLE 'robin'

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white porcelain BAUBLE 'robin'
white porcelain BAUBLE 'robin'

Christmas Baubles are made of beautiful, pure white porcelain, hand decorated with simple doodles and strokes of gold.

Fully unglazed to make most of milky white porcelain and it's amazing texture.
Decorated with drawings of well fed, chubby robins with sparkly golden bellies. 

Antique gold satin ribbon is a lovely, rich finish and makes the bauble ready to hang up.

Baubles are large and relatively heavy, best used as focal, statement decorations displayed in the windows, doorways, on mantelpieces.

If you want to use the bauble on the real Christmas tree, please, make sure you place it on a stronger branch that will resist the tree's wilting.


Gift box included. 

Size: 9,5 cm / 3,5" diamenter

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