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Hare in the Moonlight, Cups

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Hare in the Moonlight, Cups

This listing is for prototype cups in brand new Hare in the Moonlight design. 

They are made of white porcelain clay and intricately decorated with black or warm grey and deep yellow slips for striking contrast. 

These pieces are made using a combination of paper stencil, scraffitto and slip trailing techniques to gradually reveal the design. Each one is hand decorated with hand-cut stencils, each cup is unique. The decoration is applied to the outside of the dishes; it's busy and dynamic.The handle and inside are left plain white.

Hare design is on each side of the cup; a hare gazing into fool moon on one and single hare and a bright star on the other.

These pieces are both nice to look at but also very tactile- you can feel layers of decoration under your fingers. 


I like to think these pieces will be used frequently; they are fired to very high temperature, made using high quality clay and glaze, and meant to last. 

They are dishwasher and microwave safe. Because porcelain clay does not like sudden temperature changes, please, do not use these in the oven. 


Small cups : cups measure approx 8 x 8cm, and have 220 ml capacity.


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