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Hen Bowl, salad size

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Hen Bowl, salad size
Hen Bowl, salad size
Hen Bowl, salad size
Hen Bowl, salad size

Large salad size bowl made of off-white porcelain clay, hand painted with a portrait of a Hen.  

The bowl is painted both on the inside and outside in sage green, with vibrant red, scalloped rim and base.  

Bowls are slightly irregular in shape, finished with attention to detail but obviously handmade. Each animal image is hand painted, therefore might differ slightly from the photos. 

care instructions:
Made of quality, porcelain clay, the dishes are high fired for strength and durability. Food safe and meant to be enjoyed daily. Dishwasher and microwave safe.


Large bowls are perfect for serving salads, pasta dishes, as fruit bowls or as mixing bowls. 
25 cm diameter and 16 cm tall,

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