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Years of making pots made us aware of how much attention people pay to their favourite cups they use everyday.
As part of 120 CUPS PROJECT we want to make a very special cup (or cups) for you.
It is up to you whether you want to give us total freedom when it comes to design, size and shape and surprise you with it; or maybe you'd like to give us some hints on how we can customise the cup for you.
If you like the idea of  'Surprise Cups' all you need to do is select a 'Surprise Travel Cup' or 'Surprise At-Home Cup with Handle' option, proceed to checkout and we'll come up with a design for you, no questions asked.
If you want to give us guidance on how to customise your cup, please, choose 'Customised Cup' from the drop down window. Once you have completed the order, please, fill in this short survey (max 5 mins.) and we'll have all the info we need. Customised Cup Survey 


The 120 CUPS PROJECT aims at fixing a dent in our studio finances caused by an unexpected necessity to purchase a new kiln. For a small studio like us, it was a huge investment and we thought of The PROJECT as a fun, creative way to find sponsorship for our equipment. If we were lucky to accomplish a project of making 120 cups that would cover the cost of our furnace. But we'll be happy with any help in repairing the budget. 


Lead time: Cups will be ready to ship or collect within 6 weeks from the moment you placed the order.
Standard cup sizes we make are: Travel Cup, 350 ml
Straight Cup with Handle, 400ml, 11 cm tall and 9 cm diameter
Globe cup with Handle, 375 ml, 12 cm diameter and 8 cm tall
Care: All our cups are made of strong, high-fired porcelain or stoneware clays that are dishwasher and microwave safe unless decorated with gold lustre. 

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