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POOLBEG Reusable Takeaway Cups

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POOLBEG Reusable Takeaway Cups
POOLBEG Reusable Takeaway Cups
POOLBEG Reusable Takeaway Cups
POOLBEG Reusable Takeaway Cups
POOLBEG Reusable Takeaway Cups

It is estimated that approx 2 million reusable coffee cups are dumped every day in Ireland! That's an astonishing quantity, considering the population of of less than 5 million living in the State... And against the popular belief, majority of paper cups cannot be recycled as they have an inner plastic lining. 

It is time to start carrying a reusable cup with you and invest in a design you love.


These cups are made for all those who carry Dublin in their hearts, with the unmistakable Dublin skyline landmark, the Poolbeg Chimneys.

They are all hand-painted and hand-sketched, made of high quality, pure white, slightly translucent porcelain clay.

You can purchase the 'bare' tumbler version of the cup as well (no lid or sleeve)- see drop down menu for options and prices. 


Cups measure approx. 350 ml which is one of the most popular takeaway sizes and hold a regular size coffee from your favourite cafe.

Each cup comes with light grey silicone lid (food grade approved) and transparent sleeve. All components are dishwasher safe. It is not necessary to remove the sleeve every time you wash your cup, it is very tight and can be left on the cup most of the time. To ensure a good, leak free seal on the cup make sure both the outside of the cup lip and the lid itself are dry assembling the cup. 

Cups ship in GIFT BOX as standard. If they are a gift, we can attach a gift note- simply message us the wording. 



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