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Tart Dishes

Tart dishes are available exclusively from our online and brick-and-mortar shop in Harold's Cross, Dublin. Each dish is made of reclaimed, recycled clay; for these we use bits of clay that come from the production of our main range products. Each piece is decorated with a unique design that is a combination of hand-cut paper stencils, scraffitto, relief and free-hand decoration. 

There's only one, sometimes two of each, and we change theme every time we make a small batch!

The tart dishes (also known as flan dishes) are oven proof and can be used for actual cooking. They are also dishwasher and microwave safe. The only thing they don't appreciate is a sudden temperature change, make sure you do not put a cold dish into a very hot oven or rinse hot dish in cold water- temperature shock will result in cracks. 

Because they are so arty and unique, they also look amazing as wall pieces. If you have that use of a tart dish in mind, let us know and we will fix a hook at the back of it, make it ready for hanging.  

Tart dishes are tricky to fire and often cracks occur. As a result they are not viable for practical use but we've created a listing with these unfortunate ones, at reduced price, and with a hook at the back for wall hanging. 

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