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ENVIRONMENTAL Reusable Takeaway Cups

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ENVIRONMENTAL Reusable Takeaway Cups
ENVIRONMENTAL Reusable Takeaway Cups
ENVIRONMENTAL Reusable Takeaway Cups

A small batch of Environmental Reusable Cups is back in stock.

These cups, with a pinch of humour, pinpoint the tragic situation of our seas and oceans polluted by plastic waste. 

Each cup is decorated with fish and jellyfish floating in the sea. Fish complain with the indigestion caused by plastic, jellyfish have plastic tangled up in their tentacles. 

Cups are hand-painted and wording is handwritten.

Cups are made of pure white, translucent porcelain.

It is estimated that approx 2 million reusable coffee cups are dumped every day in Ireland! That's an astonishing quantity, considering the population is less than 5 million... And against the popular belief, majority of paper cups cannot be recycled as they have an inner plastic lining. Were you aware of that?!

I have been using a reusable cup for my coffee for well over a year, however the popular plastic cups often carry a smell and undertaste of the washing up detergent used in the dishwashers. So I have been working on developing my own ceramic range, because ceramic cup is always so much nicer to hold and drink out of than the plastic one... 



Cups measure approx. 350 ml which is one of the most popular takeaway sizes and hold a regular size coffee from your favourite cafe.

Each cup comes with a silicone lid (food grade approved) and sleeve. All components are dishwasher safe. It is not necessary to remove the sleeve every time you wash your cup, it is very tight and can be left on the cup most of the time. To ensure a good, leak free seal on the cup make sure both the outside of the cup lip and the lid itself are dry assembling the cup. 

CUPS SHIP in GIFT BOX as standard. If they are a gift, we can attach a gift note- simply message us the wording. 

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