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Full Moon, house sign

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Full Moon, house sign
Full Moon, house sign
Full Moon, house sign
Full Moon, house sign


The whimsical house sign that pictures the bear + hare family staring at the full moon.

The sign is available in a round shape, either 20 or 15 cm in diameter. 

When purchasing , please, leave us a message with house number that you require on your sign.  If you require a house name as well, please, get in touch and we'll explain options. 

Our Ceramic House Plaques are made to order and are ready to ship or collect within 4 -6 weeks.
Our plaques are weather proof, don't fade in the sunshine and are suitable for outdoor use; they are made from very strong stoneware clay.
Unless screw openings are requested, the signs are made to be glued to the wall with suitable tile glue or good quality, outdoor silicone glue (Tec7 recommended). We make the back of the tiles textured for better grip and put small, temporary hooks that hold the plaque in place while the glue is setting. 
Choosing the right size:
It is quite difficult to image the sign size that fits your home best; the easiest way to choose the best fit is to make a paper template of available sizes and fit it on the wall; step away and look at it from the distance.


To see other pre-designed signs, click here HERE 

or view gallery and order customised design house sign HERE


For non standard sizes, please email us at hello@karoart.eu and we'll provide costing and timeline.



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