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Pony Tumbler, peach porcelain

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Pony Tumbler, peach porcelain
Pony Tumbler, peach porcelain

Porcelain tumblers made of clay that is stained in our studio to apply a custom background colour, light peach, to the clay body that shows both on the inside and outside of the piece. Each cup is decorated with an image of a pony that stretches around the piece.

Cups and creamery are made in very small batches of a particular colour; please, grab what you like while it's available as I will be changing the colour finishes throughout the year but once gone, I will not be accepting custom orders for particular colour finishes.

Each tumbler is hand decorated, so each animal image differs slightly for piece to piece.  Cups aren't perfectly round. 

8,5 x 7cm; dishwasher proof

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