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'Rainbows ans Stars' Secret Box

'Rainbows ans Stars' Secret Box


True value of this box is approx 170...

...but we took 25% of the true value of the Secret Boxes' contents and we made shipping free to many popular destinations - enter Secret Box Ships for Free discount code on checkout. 

(the free shipping offer covers Ireland, the UK, USA, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway; apologies if you live in the country we could not cover by this offer)

Each secret box contains a unique curated selection of karoArt's ceramic pieces; a mixture of sample pieces, some one-off designs and some older work that often has never been shown to the world.We have selected the pieces to match them by the feel, the style, the colour or the theme.

The title is the only hint you're going to get; the rest is a mistery.

It's a game for the brave, adventurous souls ;)

Enjoy the fun!