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Red Dot, porcelain cups

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Mallard blue, white and red coloured bowls with a dynamic design of cloudy sky.

They are decorated with coloured slips, pencil sketches and outlines created by using scraffito method. 

Bowls are decorated on the inside and outside. 

care instructions:

Dishwasher and microwave safe.


Extra large bowls are perfect for serving salads or as mixing bowls. Medium bowls make a very special breakfast cereal, soup or stew bowl; Smaller ones are great for nuts, nibbles, dips or as keepsake jewellery bowls. 
EXTRA LARGE BOWL 25 cm diameter and 16 cm tall,
MEDIUM DISH 15 cm in diameter and 5 cm tall;
SMALL DISH 10 cm in diameter and 5cm tall 

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