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Red Riding Hood Cups, 3 sizes available

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Red Riding Hood Cups, 3 sizes available
Red Riding Hood Cups, 3 sizes available
Red Riding Hood Cups, 3 sizes available

Red Riding Hood Cups retell the universally known and recognised fairy-tale that can be traced back as far as 10th century (as a spoken word) and first put in writing by Charles Perrault in 16th century. The tale carries many meanings and agendas, also depending on the version, but on the vary basic level it teaches about the Good and the Evil, two coexisting forces. 

The cups are made of white porcelain clay individually hand painted. While all design elements are there (the Red Riding Hood, the wolf, Granny's House and the Woods), each piece has a slightly different layout. The cups are decorated on the outside only, the inside of the cups is left plain white.

Each cup is fitted with a large, comfortable handle- liked and praised by many customers. Please, note that some cups may be slightly off-shape.

I like to think these piece will be used frequently; they are fired to very high temperature, made using high quality clay and glaze and meant to last.  They are dishwasher and microwave safe. Because porcelain clay does not like sudden temperature changes, please, do not use these in the oven. 

Tall cups - 9cm tall and 8 cm wide at the rim
Short cups - 5.5 cm tall and  7,5 cm wide at the rim
Espresso cups - 5.5 cm tall and 5 cm in diameter, 125 ml capacity


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