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TWEET BOWL 'sorbet'
TWEET BOWL 'sorbet'
TWEET BOWL 'sorbet'
TWEET BOWL 'sorbet'
TWEET BOWL 'sorbet'

TWEET BOWL 'sorbet'


Designed to bring out a smile, tweet bowls come in a selection of pastel shades, soft enough to match any interior but bright enough to make a statement.

Depending on the bowl, they have either one or two birds perched on the edge (send us a note if you’re particular about bird arrangement).
There are pencil drawn foot-tracks marking the inside of the bowl.
Bowls are slightly irregular in shape, finished with attention to detail but obviously handmade.

suggested use:

Made of quality porcelain, bowls are high fired for strength and durability. Food safe and meant to be enjoyed daily.
Larger bowls make a very special breakfast cereal, soup or stew bowl;
Smaller ones are great for nuts, nibbles, dips or as keepsake jewellery bowls. 

care instructions:

Dishwasher and microwave safe (be gentle to the birds when placing in dishwasher).


LARGE DISH 18 cm in diameter and 8 cm tall + the bird;7.1 inch in diameter and 3.1 inch tall + the bird
SMALL DISH 11 cm in diameter and 6 cm tall + the bird; 4,3 inch in diameter and 2,5 inch tall + the bird