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Urban Fox Plates, 4 sizes available

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Urban Fox Plates, 4 sizes available
Urban Fox Plates, 4 sizes available
Urban Fox Plates, 4 sizes available

Urban Fox is a new design of tableware, a part of the Irish Nocturnal Animals' range. There aren't many larger mammals living in Ireland nowadays, however many of them adapted to share their habitats with humans. Many of us, urban dwellers, have a fox for a neighbour, and they can be frequently spotted walking around city streets on late evenings and early mornings. 

The plates are made of white porcelain clay and intricately decorated with black and coloured slips for striking contrast. In addition to the visually busy design, layers of decoration can be felt under your fingers, which adds to the tactile experience when using these pieces.  

Plates can be purchased as wall plates (with hook for hanging) or functional plates (select option at check out).

The decoration is applied by hand. Both sides of each piece are painted by layering colours and revealing design elements with paper resist stencils. While all design elements are there, each piece has a slightly different layout. 


I like to think these piece will be used frequently; they are fired to very high temperature, made using high quality clay and glaze and meant to last.  They are dishwasher and microwave safe. Because porcelain clay does not like sudden temperature changes, please, do not use these in the oven. 
Plates come in 4 sizes:
XS (small saucer)- 10.5cm
S (larger saucer)- 15.5cm
M (canape size) - 20.5cm
L (dinner plate size) -27.5cm


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