New Dublin inspired pieces in stock now


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Seconds are items that have not gone as planned. They have either issues with glaze, or slight cracks, or are more off shape than I'd like- please, see descriptions below.

There's a few items in this section, that have no faults but are from old collections and ready for new homes. 


Grey Pig Tumbler- photo1-/ leaks ok as a toothbrush or pen holder
SOLD Green Hen Tumbler- photo1-/ok to use/ glazed over marks where handle was pen holder
Reindeer Tumbler- photo1-/ perfect old stock
Small Yellow Bird Tumbler- photo1-/warped
SOLD Cloud Relief Tumbler- photo1-/ perfect old stock
SOLD Crazy Chicken Tumbler- photo1-/warped
SOLD Large Green Heron Mug- photo2-/ slightly off-shape slight paintwork imperfection, 
Large Green Hare Mug - photo2-/slightly off-shape faint hairline crack inside but doesn't affect use


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