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Care Tips

At karoArt, we use only high quality porcelain and stoneware clays. All pieces are high-fired ensuring strength, durability and suitability for daily use.

Our tableware is food, dishwasher, microwave and oven safe.

The exceptions are those items made using black clay or being decorated with gold luster, they are not dishwasher and microwave safe. Also, black clay pieces and those where gold lustre is on the inside of the dish and can react with food are also unsuitable for food use.

When heating up the dishes, please, take care to avoid sudden temperature changes as this may result in thermal shock and cracks may occur.

Unglazed surfaces, although water and stain resistant, are not stain proof. Therefore avoid contact with staining foods like tea, coffee, red wine, beetroot etc. and clean with baking soda paste if needed.