Class Calendar for 1st half of 2020

Secret Boxes

OUR SECRET BOXES are back. These are curated sets of our ceramics. They are available before the Jan sale of our regular stock kicks in both in our online and brick-and mortar shops. 
This season the boxes are a mix of 'good' pieces (usually one or two, depending on size of the box) and a selection of slight seconds (still fully functional and nice, but with a technical or cosmetic fault).
The boxes are compiled by theme and/or colour and title is the only hint you're going to get; the rest is a mystery, so it's not a game for the faint hearted! It's fun though!
Each box contains a mixture of pieces - we match them by the feel, the style, the colour or the theme within each collection.

SECRET BOXES are available online only between 8th and 14th Jan. 

All orders will be ready for collection or shipping on 15th Jan.