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Medium Mystery Boxes - 50-100 Eur + shipping

Regular price €52.00
Medium Mystery Boxes - 50-100 Eur + shipping
This season the boxes are a mix of slight seconds (still fully functional and nice, but with a technical or cosmetic fault) and sample/older collection pieces. Boxes are always full of nice surprises and they offer approx 50- 40% saving on the regular price of items.

We made the collections into nice sets, matching by theme, colour or feel. The title gives you a hint of what's in the box, and we list type of items you'll get , letter 'H' indicates slightly heavier sets where shipping charge will be more than rates listed below:

Please, note that our discount shipping code does not apply to Mystery Boxes as they are already hugely discounted. 

Choose your set from drop down window on the right and it will be ready for collection or shipped to address provided.

Shipping charges (added at the end of checkout) unless marked 'H' = heavy (higher shipping costs may apply):

7.5 Eur for Ireland, UK 8.00Eur, US 9.5Eur
Europe ( Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Finland, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, France, Italy, Portugal) 8.00 Eur
Rest of Europe - 19.75Eur
Rest of the World -18.20 Eur

Have fun and enjoy the surprise! 



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